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Dec 8, 2013 7:00am PST
.s. home replaced one light bulb with a compact fluorescent bulb, the energy saved could light how many homes? 1 million? 2 million? 3 million? the answer is... 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz. energy lives here. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. well, did you know that just one sheet of bounce outdoor fresh gives you more freshness than two sheets of the leading national store brand? who knew? so, how do you get your bounce? with more freshness in a single sheet. >>> now for our what in the world segments. this week will mark one year since the shootings in knnewtow connecticut. i decided to take a look at the rest of the world. my special report global lessons on guns premiers tonight fo
Dec 8, 2013 10:00am PST
enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ switzerland, australia, columbia >>> hello. i'm fredricka whitfield with a check of our top stories. snow and ice now causing problems in parts of the north and east. hundreds of flights are canceled in d.c. with airports across the country also experiencing delays. the wintry blast not expected to last long with above freezing temperatures moving in monday. >>> nuclear inspectors are in iran today for their third visit to a heavy water reactor. the site is being carefully monitored because it could in theory be a source of plutonium. that's one of two possible elements along with highly enriched uranium that could be used as fuel for a nuclear bomb. iran denies it is trying to build a bomb. >>> coming up at the top of the hour, a newlywed couple is charged in a brutal murder. police say the husband and wife plotted and killed a man just for the thrill of it. we uncover the deadly scheme. i'd fredricka whitfield. fareed za kkaria gps continues right now. >>
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2